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Bella's Corner

There are a lot of things to talk about in this section. Of course there is a lot to talk about.. we are opening up a whole new world… the world of unmounted stamps. We, at Stamping Bella guarantee that these unmounted stamps will NOT sit in a drawer collecting dust. We promise!


Bella’s corner will provide you with tips and techniques on how to use these stamps and enjoy them as much as we do here.


First thing you must know is that each rubber die is hand cut which enforces a strict quality control. Each stamp you receive has been handled with love and care and should be flawless. We guarantee it. The rubber is very finely etched and has a great relief to ensure beautiful impressions every time.

To use these stamps, we recommend to do the following:

You will need an acrylic block to match the size of the stamp being used. You may already have one that fits or if not, we offer all sizes at very reasonable prices for your convenience (click here for acrylic blocks)

Apply double sided tape.  You may also use EZ mount or a product called TACK N PEEL.  We also love the HOT KNIFE for cutting your EZ mount like BUTTAH! Makes life so much easier .

Apply the rubber die to the sticky tape.

Apply ink to the stamp by tapping ink pad to the stamp

Stamp away!

Once you are done, clean the stamp, put in it’s storage pocket (as mentioned below) and place another die in it’s place. The acrylic block should remain tacky for a long time! Once it is not tacky anymore, either place a new strip of tape on top or, use goo gone to take off and place a fresh strip! That’s it!

There is no real need for cushion, As we mentioned before, the relief and the etching of the stamp provide crisp and clear impressions every time. If you feel more comfortable with a cushion, we recommend a foam mat to put under your cardstock and to stamp over it. This would be for your own comfort.

Cleaning Stamps:

What we do here is use an alcohol free baby wipe (one that doesn’t leave lint) and wipe the rubber die clean.. You may use a stamp cleaner as well.

Storage of Stamps:

We store our stamps in our Bella Bindah using our different inserts that are especially made to fit in the bindah!  How’s that for storage! Of course you must exercise caution when you hold the binder (speaking from experience of course). But we really have never had a problem. These stamps are so easy to travel with! Going to your local stamping/scrapbooking store? Bring your whole binder, or just a section, cardstock and some ink and you are ready to go!

How’s that for simplicity? Please do not forget that if you have any questions at all, you may always email us for more information at info@stampingbella.com